Illustration: Guardian Design/Getty

Illustration: Guardian Design/Getty

13 May 2020

Amy Hinterberger co-author on Sociological Review article calling for renewed attention to the relationships between racism, health and inheritance in British society

The paper ‘Brexit as heredity redux: Imperialism, biomedicine and the NHS in Britain’, co-authored by Des Fitzgerald, Amy Hinterberger, John Narayan and Ros Williams examines why the NHS was placed at the heart of the Vote Leave campaign. The study explores how debates about sovereignty, which became a significant feature of the campaign to leave the EU, contributes to discussions about belonging and shaped biological communities bound by a shared concern for their vitality and inherited entitlements.

The paper, published in The Sociological Review argues: ‘We propose re-thinking Brexit through the concept of heredity. Heredity is an expansive concept, with significant juridical, biomedical and sociological force.’

The article was also recently picked up by The Guardian in a piece examining how the fight against coronavirus spread a new nationalism.

The paper is free to access here.