6 December 2023

Introducing new members of the team!

We are delighted to welcome two new project staff, Dr Aleksandra Stelmach (Postdoctoral Research Associate) and Llona Kavege (Research Assistant) to the Biomedical Research and Politics of the Human project!

Aleksandra is an interdisciplinary social scientist with a background in social anthropology, journalism and linguistics. Before joining academia, she worked as a news reporter and a health and medicine editor for mainstream media outlets. On the project she is working with Amy Hinterberger to develop an analysis of new organoid technologies in the context of global health and infectious disease research. You can read one of her more recent papers on CRISPR gene drive technology in the journal Science Communication. 

Llona is trained in bioethics and cell biology and will be supporting project activities, along with contributing to work on the development of human embryo models made from stem cells. She has expertise in new reproductive technologies, particularly what is called ‘artificial womb technology’ which you can read more about in her recent co-authored chapter in the book Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technologies.