Navigating the Ethics of Stem Cell-Derived Life

What are the ethical implications of creating life with stem cells?

In our research project, we explore the ethical considerations surrounding the creation of new life forms using stem cells. Stem cells are special cells in our bodies with the unique ability to develop into various types of cells. Scientists are now using engineered versions of these cells to build new forms of ...

New Models of Disease and Development

How are human cell-based tools reshaping disease modeling?

In biomedical research, creating accurate models of human disease and development has historically posed challenges. Traditional methods relying on animal models, especially mice, come with experimental and ethical limitations, as many human diseases are absent in non-human animals. The pursuit of therapies through anima...

Bridging Human and Animal Health

How does ethics and governance shape the study of human health and animal health?

Our project examines how scientists use innovative tools like stem cells and gene editing to grow and model human tissues and organs, as well as techniques to integrate human cells into animals during various stages of growth.

Traditionally, ethical concerns and reg...