8 April 2022, Research Note

The ethnographic process: visiting the lab and learning about organoids in practice

by Dr. Sara Bea - Project Alumna

  Recently, I had the pleasure and privilege to visit a lab for a few weeks, the pandemic has made it difficult but at last I got the chance to do that which social scientists do when they go to labs: shadowing scientists, observing, learning and above all asking questions. The ethnographic process requires the […]

3 September 2021, Research Note

The chimera hypothesis: A short history of the first experimental chimera

As far as I know, there is no analogon to our plant in nature, no organism, which consists of one half of one species and one half of another.  Hans Winkler, ‘On Graft Bastards and Plant Chimeras’, 1907 Written by Amy Hinterberger & Sarah Kowalski How did the Chimera monster end up lending her name […]

3 August 2021, Research Note

A politics of the human through images

by Dr. Amy Hinterberger

Amy Hinterberger in conversation with graphic designer, Maeve Redmond A series of changes—in biomedicine itself as well as in the scholarship on science and society—signal that it is a crucial time to reconsider the meaning and function of the human in the life sciences. Traditionally, ethical concerns and political protection have focused on the human […]

22 June 2021, Research Note

Organoids and the biomedical pursuit of human models in vitro

by Dr. Sara Bea - Project Alumna

“Inside every stem cell is an organ waiting to happen—biologists have known this for generations. But only recently have they learned how readily that potential can be unlocked in culture” – Eisenstein 2018, 19 Organoids are three-dimensional (3D) assemblages of stem cells that mimic the architecture and functionality of a human organ in vivo. These […]

22 June 2021, Research Note

Remarking on the Unremarkable: Co-colour chimeric mice

In developmental biology and stem cell science, the use of mice, and the creation of different kinds of chimeric mice have become both methods for validating and testing research questions, as well as a means for conducting translational research. Co-colour mice, a version of intraspecies chimera, while visually remarkable, are often overlooked in media and […]