6 December 2023

Introducing new members of the team!

We are delighted to welcome two new project staff, Dr Aleksandra Stelmach (Postdoctoral Research Associate) and Llona Kavege (Research Assistant) to the Biomedical Research and Politics of the Human project! Aleksandra is an interdisciplinary social scientist with a background in social anthropology, journalism and linguistics. Before joining academia, she worked as a news reporter and […]

20 July 2022

Once upon a dish: Ethics Address at EMBL · IBEC Conference on engineered multicellular systems

Amy Hinterberger was invited to present at a conference hosted by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and the Catalonia Institute for Bioengineering on the ethics of organoid technology. The conference brought together some of the world’s leading scientists to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the expanding field of engineered multicellular systems. Read the excellent […]

25 April 2022

We are not human all the way down – exploring the politics of the human with the Biotechnology & Society student essay contest

We are very pleased to take part in the following student engagement initiative to promote creative and insightful ways to examine the politics of the human from a social sciences and medical humanities perspective. We are looking forward to reading this year’s entries, the two winning essays will be published here in June so watch […]

13 July 2021, New Publication

New co-authored publication by Amy Hinterberger and Sara Bea

Project team members, Amy Hinterberger and Sara Bea have contributed to the first ever interdisciplinary Cambridge Handbook of Health Research Regulation, with a chapter called ‘Cells, Animals and Human Subjects: Regulating Interspecies Biomedical Research’. We are delighted to have participated in the Handbook which explores current challenges in delivering quality medical research for the public […]

13 January 2021, New Publication

Opt-out policy and the organ shortage problem – a new publication on critical insights and practical considerations of England’s new law by Sara Bea

Project team member Sara Bea has published a review of England’s new ‘Opt-out’ organ donation policy in the journal Transplantation Reviews. The article mobilises her expertise in the clinical practice and public policy of organ donation, previously submitted as policy briefings on best strategies to increase national organ donation rates to the Scottish Parliament and […]

13 November 2020

Thank you GHSM summer research interns!

Two stellar KCL Global Health and Social Medicine alum, Ceri Flooke and Sarah Kowalski completed their summer research internships with the Biomedical Research and the Politics of the Human project team. Ceri worked with Jennifer Rogerson drafting a report on new research regulations relating to animals containing human cells and tissues, and Sarah worked with […]

11 November 2020, Conference Presentation

Sara Bea invited to participate in Madrid Science Week

Sara Bea recently presented our project as part of a series of events celebrating Madrid’s Science Week. The session, see featured video http://www.semanacienciamadrid.org/galeria, gathered a variety of Spanish scientists working abroad and put them in conversation to reflect on the Declaration of the 1999 UNESCO World Conference on Science. Twenty years after, the Budapest Declaration […]

13 May 2020

Amy Hinterberger co-author on Sociological Review article calling for renewed attention to the relationships between racism, health and inheritance in British society

The paper ‘Brexit as heredity redux: Imperialism, biomedicine and the NHS in Britain’, co-authored by Des Fitzgerald, Amy Hinterberger, John Narayan and Ros Williams examines why the NHS was placed at the heart of the Vote Leave campaign. The study explores how debates about sovereignty, which became a significant feature of the campaign to leave […]